As your farmer, I am committed to helping to build our community, providing fresh and healthy food to you and being a responsible steward of the farmland and our ecosystem. The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model is an innovative way for you to receive fresh vegetables each week and be a part of the Deri Farm community. Healthy vegetables come from healthy soil. Using organic farming methods, I am not just restoring the nutrients in the soil, but improving its quality for our future.
-Justin Deri

Frquently Asked Questions About Deri Farm and the CSA at Deri Farm

This is just a start for the FAQ. Please email me if you have further questions.

How much does the CSA share cost at Deri Farm?

The 2014 share is $275 for a half share and $525 for the whole share. If you would like to add the delivery option where I will deliver vegetables to your door in Portland or on my way to Portland, that will cost an additional $50.

What is included in a share?

Each week from early June through mid October, you come out to the farm for a share of the vegetables that are in season. I try to not overwhelm you with any one particular vegetable or a lot of odd vegetables--though admittedly I do love kohlrabi! Also included are pick-your-own (PYO) items such as peas, beans and flowers. At some point, I will try to post a slightly more comprehensive sample of shares based on previous years.

How big is the share? How many people can it feed?

This is a difficult question because it really depends on how many vegetables you eat, how you like to cook them and if you are up for finding ways to save extras (e.g. freezing, drying, putting in to soups for later, etc.) I can tell you that I keep careful records of what I give out and what the "value" of those vegetables are based on local farmers markets and grocery stores. By the end of the season, the share value is somewhere between 10-20% above the cost. I want to point out the if you are looking for large amounts of vegetables for cheap, then my CSA is not a good option for you. If you are looking to prepare/cook with a variety of fresh and high quality vegetables then the CSA might be good for you. Also, I try to offer not just greens and salad materials, but vegetables you cook. Again, I will try to post an example of some past CSA distributions at some point.

How do I get my vegetables once the season starts?

Most people come out to the farm, unless you sign up for the Portland delivery option. When you come out to the farm, it is best to park in the Skyline Farm parking lot and walk over to the CSA distribution area, though you may also park in the driveway near the CSA area, but please be aware of others. The vegetables are typically laid out such that if you work in a clockwise directions, the heavier items will be on the bottom. When there are items that need to be weighed, a scale is available--this is a great chance for kids to learn about numbers and weights! I encourage people to bring their own bags; however, I do provide some plastic bags. All the vegetables should be clearly labeled how much to take. Sometimes certain items will be a choice. In the end, we shouldn't run out, so please be sure to find one of us if something does run out.

When are pickup days?

Pickup days are Tuesdays or Fridays from 2 PM - 7 PM. You may come anytime for the PYO options. In fact, I recommend coming out either late in the day or early in the morning to pick flowers to ensure freshness.

I have several coworkers who want a share. Can we get delivery for free if there is a group of us?

My cost for delivery is mostly in the labor it takes to box up shares and the price of packaging. If you can organize a group of five or more people at a single location, I am willing to lower the delivery price per share to $35 (down from $75.) I can not offer free delivery at this time.

What if I am unable to collect my share?

If you are away on vacation, I encourage you to have a friend, family member, or neighbor come get your share. This way, they get to try out the CSA and you're just spreading the harvest! If for some reason, you just can't make it that day, I will try to set aside your share for you to collect another day; however, you must let me know by early afternoon on the day of the pickup. If you know you'll frequently miss pickup (and I totally understand that we're all busy), for a fee we will always box up your share and put it aside for you.

I missed my pickup this week(s), can I just get a double share next week?

No. If you missed your share and didn't tell me you were not coming, that means I already harvested vegetables for your share and I'd have to harvest an extra share the week you come back. Sadly, vegetables are perishable items and they don't exactly grow on trees. I understand that you want to get your value out of the share, so if I have excess vegetables for the week, I can try to give you something, but it will probably not be equal to a share.