As your farmer, I am committed to helping to build our community, providing fresh and healthy food to you and being a responsible steward of the farmland and our ecosystem. The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model is an innovative way for you to receive fresh vegetables each week and be a part of the Deri Farm community. Healthy vegetables come from healthy soil. Using organic farming methods, I am not just restoring the nutrients in the soil, but improving its quality for our future.
-Justin Deri

The Deri Air

A Blog and Farmcast About a Vegetable Farm and Then Some

Farm Stand Listing – May 3, 2013

This is the second time I have put some vegetables in the temporary farmstand in the ell.  Sometime in the next month or so, I hope to build a real farmstand with a refrigerated display case.  Given the quantity I'm harvesting now, the refrigerator in the ell is working well. This ...

Hakurei Turnips

Bunched Hakurei Turnips The Hakurei Turnip is a particular variety of salad turnips.  Salad turnips aren't not at all like your grandmother's turnips.  The whole plant is quite delicious and a wonderful vegetable that usually marks the start of ...

A Few Items from the First Harvest on 6/15/10

Our first harvest for the CSA shares went well.  In spite of my back being thrown out and a few hitches expected with the first large harvest, quite a bit came in from the fields.  With all the cut greens and various veggies that needed bunching, we ended up running ...