As your farmer, I am committed to helping to build our community, providing fresh and healthy food to you and being a responsible steward of the farmland and our ecosystem. The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model is an innovative way for you to receive fresh vegetables each week and be a part of the Deri Farm community. Healthy vegetables come from healthy soil. Using organic farming methods, I am not just restoring the nutrients in the soil, but improving its quality for our future.
-Justin Deri

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CSA Share 2014 – Week 12

CSA 2014 - Week 12 items

CSA 2014 – Week 12 items included: cucumbers, fingerling potatoes, onions, peppers and eggplant, chard/kale, tomatoes

Week 12 of the CSA share for 2014 was pretty similar to shares from previous week, except potatoes were fingerling potatoes and the onions included some cipollini onions.  I had emailed a delicious recipe that used both ( which was essentially roasted potatoes and onions.  The share includes:

  • Cucumbers (and a little summer squash) – 4 pounds @ $1.50 per pound – $6
  • Potatoes (fingerlings and perhaps a few white round) – 1.5 pounds @ $3 per pound – $4.50
  • Onions (cipollini and red/white onions) – 1.5 pounds @ $2.50 per pound – $3.75
  • Peppers (sweet, green/purple, and hot) – 2 pounds @ $3.50 per pound – $7
  • Tomatoes (cherry, red slicer, heirlooms, paste, saladette) – 6 pounds @ $3 per pound – $18
  • Chard/Kale – 1 pound @ $3 per pound – $3

The total value for this week is $42.25 and the total for the season is $400.75.

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